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WhatsApp has restricted message forwarding

WhatsApp has restricted message forwarding

The developers of the most popular messenger in Russia, WhatsApp, announced their intention to set limits on sending the same message. According to the new rules, the user will be able to send the same message no more than five times.

Recall that previously the Forward function allowed sending the same message to 250 users and groups in the messenger. At the same time, a limit on the number of such recipients has already been introduced – in July 2018, the developers reduced this opportunity to 20 people.

Victoria Grand, WhatsApp VP of Communications:

“Today we are setting a limit of five messages worldwide.”

Today, January 21, some users of the messenger on Android have already received the corresponding application updates. The rules will be gradually applied to the entire audience, with all Android users receiving the update first, and only then iOS.

It is reported that Facebook (owns the WhatsApp messenger) in this way plans to fight “misinformation and rumors.”

This measure was initially tested in India after the country’s authorities accused WhatsApp of spreading fake news, which caused several dozen cases of lynching. As a result of the innovation, the experiment was recognized as successful, and the parent company of the messenger decided to extend the restrictions to users of all countries.