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WhatsApp Allowed to View Media Content via Push Notifications

WhatsApp Allowed to View Media Content via Push Notifications

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger took an unprecedented step by adding the ability to view the sent photos and videos without opening the application. Experts note

that the new function has not yet been thoroughly worked out and has serious shortcomings.

In November, Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, released another update, as usual aimed at improving the functionality of the messenger and creating a universal user interface for all types of people. However, this time not all WhatsApp users were satisfied with the new functions of their favorite messenger.

We are talking about the possibility of viewing the sent photos or videos without having to launch the application. With the help of Push-notification technology, you can view not only text messages but media content. At the same time, it should be noted that users will be able to view received messages even without entering the smartphone password. This is what most users of the messenger were unhappy with.

The flaw became obvious and grew into big problems for those who are used to exchanging personal or intimate messages via WhatsApp, because strangers, having even a locked smartphone in their hands, will be able to view all the content displayed in notifications.

According to our data, the developers of the messenger have not yet added to the settings of the updated version of WhatsApp, the ability to disable the function of viewing photos and videos if the device is locked. There was no official information about the planned improvements to the settings of Push-notifications from the representatives of the messenger.

Let us remind all users of the WhatsApp messenger that at the moment there is only one way to protect yourself from showing photos and videos in Push notifications. To do this, you must disable the display of pop-up notifications in the messenger settings. However, this will not allow you to quickly read simple text messages without turning on your smartphone and opening the WhatsApp application.