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Shop promotion on Instagram

Shop promotion on Instagram

Promoting an online store on Instagram will require you to take a number of specific actions and understand the capabilities of the network and link telegram viral. We have listed some ideas and tips below.

New and popular products
Post images of new or top products, talk about them, feel free to price and sell directly through the comments. Most importantly, try to make the image visually appealing.

Product usage example
Educate your customers on the art of using your products. In addition to the direct purpose, you can talk about the hidden potential of products and their application in a non-standard way.

Short links
Instagram does not allow you to post links to external sources, but you can use programs to create short links and use them in comments. Users just need to copy them in order to go to the product card on the site.

Photo tape on the site
With the help of special widgets, such as Inwidget, publish photos from Instagram to the site. This will make it more lively and human, and will also attract the site’s audience to your social network account.

Contests are a classic technique for building up an audience and working with its loyalty and engagement. First, come up with an interesting idea related to the product of your online store. On Instagram, the promotion of the contest, as a rule, takes place as an offer to tag a few friends under the announcement. It looks quite unobtrusive, for example, when using the wording “I want a prize for myself and my girlfriend.” By tagging their friends, users spread the word about the competition, and therefore about your business. A tempting prize, clear mechanics and transparent selection of the winner are the other components of a successful contest.

The secret life of the company
Talk about the internal “kitchen” of the company, its employees, what is hidden from the eyes of customers. How are your interviews, how goods are assembled and stored, how many people work on the service. This is always interesting, especially if you have your own corporate culture or philosophy that can captivate your customers, turning them into your friends and like-minded people.

Now the store on Instagram can be advertised. Promotion is carried out using targeted advertising that is shown to your target audience. A static image, a carousel from a photo series or a video image used in it will allow you to profitably present the product and your business.

Customer Mentions
Many people dream of popularity, and you can easily give it to them, for your own benefit. Invite your customers to publish photos using your products in real life, in turn, repost these images with a mention of the author. The benefits here are obvious to both parties.

Create categories and use hashtags for each of them. Make them unique so they will make you stand out and make your content easy to navigate.

Moderation and content
And, of course, the successful promotion of an Instagram store is based on interesting content (photos, videos, text) and prompt moderation, especially if you are running a contest or intend to sell directly online.