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Register on Telegram

Register on Telegram

It’s quick and easy enough, all you need to do is:

go to the official website: https://telegram.org/;
select the operating system you need (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux) and link telegram viral;
follow the installation and registration instructions;
send the code that will be sent to your phone in a message.
Now let’s understand the basic terms of this social network.

Chat is correspondence between two people.

Secret chat – correspondence between two users. In this type of chat, messages are encrypted with a specially enhanced security protocol, and people can only communicate between two mobile devices.

Group chat – correspondence between three or more users in one chat.

A channel is a chat where you can send messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. He has his own peculiarity, subscribers cannot comment on his publications. The channel resembles a news feed and a thematic blog.

Public channel – suitable for those who plan to start an open channel that can be found in the search and without a request to subscribe to it. Only 10 can be created from one account.

Private channel – you will not find it in the search, join it only by link.

Bots are applications that instantly respond to user messages. With their help, you can schedule publications according to a given schedule, view statistics, format text, graphics, and much more.